Editions La Valsainte
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The third pocket poetry collection contains 21 poems by 21 French authors, carefully selected to represent French poetry through the centuries, from Charles d’Orléans in the Middle Ages to Apollinaire and Jean-Villars Gilles in the 20th century. This anthology is intended to be used for cantillation, i.e. recitation of a text in a standing position in front of the teacher and the class. The student would recite by heart a poem from this collection in a loud, clear voice. Cantillation can also be practised in a more informal setting among friends as a form of entertainment. It helps to improve coordination between memory, posture, voice, breathing, and language. Each poem includes a short biography of the author.

Happy cantillation !

Yvon Bordet, Editions La Valsainte

Beauty will save the world.

Summer 1868, in Vevey, Switzerland.