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Yves Bordet is the President of “Les Éditions La Valsainte”, a publishing house located in Vevey (Switzerland), as well as a researcher at the “Centre Lucien Tesnière de Traitement Automatique des Langues” of Franche-Comté University, Besançon (France). Specialized in teaching French as a second language, he has been teaching French, both as a first language and second language, in France, Switzerland, and the USA.

His research at the University reveals that the emphasis of teaching poetry and literature as an early age, and at the beginner’ stage for those learning a second language, can and ought to be made a priority. Dr. Yves Bordet has developed a software available on line showing that some literary texts are accessible as of the age of six. Said software provides the age to which a text is accessible for a student schooled in the French language, as well as the European Level (from A1 to C2) for a student learning French as a second language.

In literature, as in architecture, “only extreme simplicity leads to the sublime". Poetry is a form of extreme simplicity.

Yves Bordet
Rue du Conseil 15
1800 Vevey

+41 21 922 74 39